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Yunnan daiyitang Health Management Co., Ltd

Yunnan Daiyitang Health Management Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujian Haiyao Co., Ltd. Relying on the advantages of Haiyao's own medical resources, the company establishes a modern health industry system, combining "Internet + ethnic medical treatment" and "preventive treatment" The national strategic direction of the country, based on high-end communities, sub-healthy population as the basis, national health concept as the characteristics, Internet health as a means of "community intelligent health services", to create a large health service system with ethnic medical characteristics .

Dai Yitang has accumulated and networked the advantages of hundreds of experts in traditional Chinese medicine and folk medicine from all over the country and Yunnan, and established a special medicine center for ethnic medicine. On the one hand, it regulates folk traditional treatment techniques to provide technical support for the development of ethnic medicine diagnosis and treatment projects; strives to promote Chinese ethnic medicine health and rehabilitation technology, and establishes a Dai medicine health care center.

After more than 10 years of excavations, the Dai Yitang ethnic medicine expert team has collected more than 100 internal and external treatment formulas of Dai, Yi, Miao, Naxi Dongba medicine, Hani medicine, Yao medicine, Jinuo medicine and other ethnic groups. Through visits to more than 1,000 Dai doctors in Dai villages and famous experts, Dai’s medical skills and techniques are learned and collected, and finally a set of orthodox Dai medical skills that follow ancient techniques are summed up. Based on this, combined with modern health needs and common ailments, a unique health care technology combining multiple sets of medicine methods is summarized. At present, it is based on Dai medicine, focusing on building Dai medicine culture and Dai medicine health industry, and innovating Dai medicine development model , Combining external therapy with dietary science, as well as convalescence, realizes the use of the past for the present, the inheritance of the system, and the innovative development.


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