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        Fujian Marine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a listed company on the New Third Board, stock abbreviation: Marine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., stock code: 834631. The company's headquarters is located in No. 618 Jinshan Avenue, Jinshan Industrial Zone, No. 34 Factory and Annex Building in Juyuanzhou Park. The company's predecessor was Fujian Haihua Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd. established in 2005. In July 2015, the company completed the shareholding reform and changed its name to Fujian Haiyao Co., Ltd., and was successfully listed in the national SME share transfer system in December of that year.
       The company mainly engages in the production, sales and outsourcing of Chinese patent medicines, Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbal medicines, chemical raw materials, chemical preparations, antibiotic preparations, biochemical drugs, biological products, medical equipment and other pharmaceutical equipment wholesale trade, which is a centralized A leading domestic enterprise with a complete industrial chain of planting, scientific research, production, supply and marketing of medicinal materials, the company owns 23 intellectual property patents. In January 2016, it was upgraded to the vice-chairman unit of "Chinese Medicinal Materials Planting and Breeding Professional Committee of China Association of Chinese Medicine".
Since its establishment, the company has adhered to strict management in accordance with national drug management laws and regulations, GSP requirements and related regulations, established a complete quality management system, has always adhered to honesty and trustworthiness, operating in accordance with the law, and has maintained a record of no violations. Be stronger.
Fujian Haiyao Co., Ltd. aims to take traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces as the entry point for the health industry, respond to the national health industry development policy, and combine the national strategic direction of "Internet + ethnic medical treatment" and "preventive treatment", and establish a high-end nationwide Relying on the community, sub-healthy population as the foundation, national health preservation concept as the characteristic, Internet health preservation as the means of "community intelligent health service", to create a large health service system with ethnic medical characteristics.
       The company has five wholly-owned subsidiaries: Fujian Youxi Xianjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Pingtan Yuansheng Trading Co., Ltd., Fuzhou Guolaoda Pharmacy Co., Ltd., Yunnan Daiyitang Health Management Co., Ltd., Zhangzhou Haiyao Medical Devices Co., Ltd. the company.
Fujian Youxi Xianjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the only pharmaceutical manufacturer in Youxi County and the only manufacturer of Chinese herbal medicine in Sanming City. It is a modern Chinese herbal medicine manufacturer integrating herbal medicine, toxic herbal medicine production, Chinese herbal medicine planting and trading. enterprise. At present, the annual production capacity is more than 2,000 tons, and there are more than 300 specifications of various Chinese herbal medicine pieces. Nine varieties of toxic decoction pieces.
       Fuzhou Guo Lao Da Pharmacy Co., Ltd. is currently mainly engaged in drug retailing. As a support of the company's main business, it uses Internet e-commerce platforms and big data as the carrier to provide first-class smart pharmacy services for enterprises and individuals.
Yunnan Daiyitang Health Management Co., Ltd. is a professional organization specializing in the orderly conditioning of human sub-health conditions by combining Dai medical treatment and the top ten stunts of Dai medicine. The company has gathered the advantages of a team of experts in Yunnan traditional Chinese medicine and private famous doctors. Efforts will be made to create and tap the Dai medical culture, and scientifically connect external treatment with internal adjustment. At the same time, focusing on the ten major techniques of Dai medicine, through the company's rigorous training system, increase the training of systematic inheritance skills. Through the training of a large number of talents, the brand advantage is rapidly expanded, and at the same time, cooperation models such as recruitment and brand penetration are adopted across the country.
       Zhangzhou Haiyao Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is located in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province. It is a professional enterprise dedicated to the sale of three types of medical devices. The company has a professional marketing team and perfect after-sales service. Since its establishment, the company has established a sales management system from market research, customer tracking to after-sales service. Focus on medical equipment, especially in the field of orthopedics, has conducted friendly cooperation with dozens of domestic R&D institutions and hospitals. The company has always insisted on being specialized and refined, and constantly updated high-tech medical equipment products suitable for Chinese characteristics to help partners achieve cooperation A win-win situation.

Introduction of the chairman

Zhao Haiying,Associate Professor of Pharmacy,Bachelor Degree of Economics from Party School of the Central Committee of CPC,2017- , Executive member, Zhao Committee, The Institute of Surname Origin of Fujian,2017- , Vice President, Fujian Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce,2016- , Vice President, Chinese Medicine Cultivation and Breeding Committee of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine,2015- , Chairman, Fujian Haiyao Co., Ltd,2010- , Vice President, Fujian Association of Health-protection Food,2007-2015, General Management, Fujian Haihua Medicine Technology Development Co., Ltd,2003-2007, Director of Party Committee Office, Fujian Province Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd,1998-2010, Director of Fujian Lijie Beauty Center (Fufei Branch, Qinyuan Branch, Tonghu Branch),1997-2010, Director of Baihe Pharmacy, Fujian Medicine Co., Ltd,1996-2001, Director of Administrative Office, Fujian Medicine Co., Ltd,1977-1996, officer of the People's Liberation Army

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    Connotation of sea medicine all rivers run into sea and Kang Jian essence
    Enterprise spirit: honesty, innovation, struggle, harmony and dedication
    Business philosophy: casting integrity and benefiting the people
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    Fujian Youxi Xianjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Yunnan daiyitang Health Management Co., Ltd Pingtan Yuansheng Trading Co., Ltd Fuzhou Guoda pharmacy Co., Ltd Zhangzhou Haiyao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd
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