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Fujian Haiyao Co., Ltd. is an enterprise listed on the new third board. Its stock abbreviation is: Haiyao Co., Ltd., and the stock code is 834631. The company's headquarters is located in the 34 workshop and the affiliated building in juyuanzhou Park, Jinshan Industrial Zone, 618 Jinshan Avenue, Fuzhou City. The company's predecessor was Fujian Haihua pharmaceutical science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., which was established in 2005. In July 2015, the company completed the shareholding system reform and changed its name to Fujian Haiyao Co., Ltd., and was successfully listed in the national small and medium-sized enterprise stock transfer system in December 2015.

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  • traditional Chinese medicines
  • Chinese patent medicine
  • Biological products
  • medical apparatus and instruments
  • organic fertilizers
  • Others
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  • The Tibet Bomê County delegation went to our department to investigate and guide

    On the afternoon of April 28, Deputy Governor Wang Yong of Bomê County, Tibet, and other officials came to our headquarters to inspect and guide our work. Chairman Ms. Zhao Haiying and senior management team of Haiyao warmly welcome the guests from af

  • 12 2021-4

    Chairman Zhao Haiying and his party went to Tibet and Gansu Province to inspect

    "The plan for the year is Spring" , 2021 March 28 to April 4, the Chairman of the board of Directors of Fujian Haiyao Co. , Ltd. led the head office and the relevant officers of the subsidiary companies to Tibet and Gansu respectively to inspect the conid

    19 2021-2

    Haiyao shares "the year of the OX. "

    4 2020-11

    Fujian Haiyao will invest in health technology protection projects in Huaibei, A

    On October 30,2020, at the conference room on the first floor of the People's Congress south, Xiangshan district, Huaibei, Anhui Province, Fujian Haiyao Co. , Ltd. signed the investment agreement with the Management Committee of Xiangshan Economic Develop

    27 2020-4

    2020 National Intellectual Property Publicity meeting held in Fujian Youxi Xianj

    2020 National Intellectual Property Publicity meeting was held in Fujian Youxi Xianjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, aiming to strengthen the understanding of intellectual property protection on Apr 21.

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    Fujian Youxi Xianjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Pingtan Yuansheng Trading Co., Ltd Fuzhou Guoda pharmacy Co., Ltd Zhangzhou Haiyao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd
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  • [Temporary Announcement] Announcement on the change of the legal representative
  • [Temporary Announcement] Announcement on the change of the legal representative
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  • [Temporary Announcement] Haiyao: Notice of 2019 Annual Meeting of Shareholders
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  • [Temporary Announcement] Haiyao: Investor Relations Management System
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